NEED TO KNOW: There are a few things you need to know before purchasing an air purifier so that you get the one that will actually be effective and help you protect yourself from these nasty pollutants. Type of filters used in air purifiers is one of the key factors and knowing about this is absolutely essential when making your purchase. Now just take 5 minutes to educate yourself with five quick facts about our washable nanotechnology filters.

In this century, we live in a world surrounded by different kinds of pollutants. You think you will be safe from them because you stay indoors? Think again. Indoor pollution has been increasing in recent years and has been officially listed as one of the top 5 biggest health concerns in North America. According to the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency explained the increase in concentrations of indoor air pollutants is caused by a lack of good ventilation, indoor combustion, and certain cleaning supplies. In order to reduce the level of pollutants indoors, effective measures will have to be taken thoroughly. American Lung Association stated on their website that indoor air pollutants can cause infections and even chronic lung diseases. With the increase in indoor air pollutants that can even harm you and your loved ones, now is a great time to invest in your health and get yourself an air purifier to be truly safe indoors.


You might have predicted from the name, these filters are washable. This eliminates the need to replace and repurchase filters over and over again. You do not need to worry about their performance because they are made to maintain their performance after multiple washes. By cleaning your filters regularly you save yourself from having to spend more money to buy new filters, this is because washable filters are made for long-term use and provide a lifetime of dependable service. When using replaceable filters you are recommended to replace them once every three to six months and by using washable filters you will not need to go through that trouble.


Say you forget to replace your replaceable filters what would happen? You guessed it, there will be a build-up of dust, bacteria, and mold. This makes using an air purifier absolutely ineffective because the air that comes out through it is no longer clean but this can be avoided by simply using washable filters. By cleaning the filters regularly you remove the dust, mold and other particles that might have been stuck on the filters making it more hygienic. They help filter out pet danders, smoke and odor as well. This can save a lot of asthma sufferers and people who are sensitive to airborne allergens.


The size of the particles that an air filter can remove is extremely important. Washable nanotechnology filters can trap particles down to 0.05 microns. This will make sure all the smaller pollutants such as viruses and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are all removed from the air leaving it cleaner and healthier. Commonly used or highly advertised air filters can only remove pollutants that are larger than 0.3 microns and that is a huge problem because most pollutants are known to cause health problems that are much smaller than that. It combats biological and chemical contaminants that pollute your air with an easy-to-use and incredibly effective air purifier. With Activated Carbon, Pre-Filter and nanotech filter, The 4 in 1 filters work together to purify the air and capture 99% of airborne contaminants and reduces bacteria caused by dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, mold spores, and household odors.


The three main functions nanotechnology filters do better is sterilization, purification, and deodorization. These filters make sure that the air it releases is completely safe to breathe by sterilizing the air from PM 2.5. By disinfecting more than 99% of bacteria and viruses in the air, you will be able to breathe freshly purified air. Also, 0ffensive odors are removed by these filters to provide you with pleasant and clean air. At ReFinnewe believe prevention is better than cure. We’ve taken time, to research, test, study and manufacture portable air purifiers that are, powerful, Safe and Effective to filter out these harmful pollutants.


In a world with excessive waste output, we can contribute to reducing waste by washing and reusing the pp nanotechnology filters. Instead of having to throw out your filters once every three to six months, you will be able to reuse them for a much longer time and this will not just save the planet starting with the one around you and it will also help save your money and time by reuse recycle. We not only care about your health and environment, we know your time and your wallet is important.

NOW you might be thinking are these washable filters for me? And the answer is they are for everyone! Washable nanotechnology filters outperform most branded filters like HEPA  in many ways and they are much more effective. Whether you are looking to buy an air purifier to protect yourself from indoor pollutants or because you have asthma and breathing problems, air purifiers with washable filters will provide you with the best performance to keep you happy and healthy.